Be You

Be you!
Don’t they always tell you?
But wait
I must warn you
because being you isn’t about you

No matter how much they stress
that you just be you
what they truly want
is their own version of you
and that my dear friend
shouldn’t confuse you.

You waddle in grey
labelling the black and white
always saying what seems right
no, not what you think is right
cause that’s the right you don’t get to exercise.

So how can you ever be
what you want to be
when you are always
always trying to fit in
wondering to be or not to be
and then one day
they label you
a wannabe!

So you then try not to be
you know, a wannabe
in awe and confusion
on the path of introspection
blending in yet being aloof
your identity buckling
under the burden of proof.

After being derided
and rejected umpteen
be thankful that you know
what they really mean.

Why punish yourself
when they ignore you
why are you dejected
when they denigrate you
you need to believe
there is much more to you
and whatever the world says
shouldn’t be your cue.

And if you ask me
I’ll tell you the same
but now you know
so it’s a different game
the very same words
yet a conflicting view
don’t listen to others
just be you!

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