Hello World..again!!!!

My first post (errm..not counting the ones i posted almost a year back..cant even recall  the user name) dedicated to some very special friends who are fed up of my faineance and  have in their own unusual ways motivated me to go back to writing.

The stage is set for yet another debacle
But my friends are hoping for another miracle
Jealous of me for doing what I do best
Want me to get rid of the art to procrastinate
So here in this domain my first entrant
Got to sound sensible and stay relevant
In my mind many a words swirl
And all my thoughts are in a whirl
Wish to give it my best shot
Wondering what to write and what not
Something that would make the blog rock
Only if i could get past the darn writer’s block
Have typed and deleted about a hundred lines
Yet nothing that makes sense or atleast rhymes
Now my fingers have had enough exercise
Nothing more to write to be precise
Think all this is just crap?
I am all ears for some rap.

2 Replies to “Hello World..again!!!!”

  1. hello, this is realy a gud start,
    hahaha….u make senses from senseless words,
    keep the spirit high nd keep ur blog bright.
    M waitin 4 ur next post.

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