Break Ke Baad…..

Disclaimer: Except for the similarity of the title, this post has got nothing to do with the Imran-Deepika starrer. I chose this title because its about reconnecting with old friends after a gap of some years. I had come up with many titles old is gold, revisiting those days, oh my days, etc. but nothing seemed appropriate. In fact one of them sounded like renewing your insurance policy. So thanks to the guy next door whose music system was blaring  “ajab leher hai meri padosi”  I decided to go for this.

A few days back I got a call from a friend. Big deal??? If you are good for nothing sloth with all the time in the world, have a decent phone with free incoming call facility and your friends are rich enough to pay cellular companies to discuss with you the most trivial things in the world. God bless you!!! Your phone should be ringing the whole day, much to the dismay of people around you.

Coming back to the call. This call was special because I was talking to my friend after a gap of around ten years. TEN YEARS!!!! long time..huh. After the formal greetings began the exchange of OMGs, You are still the same.., Your voice seems so different.., Don’t tell me you are still crazy about…, Gosh! We really need to catch up on so many things… By the time we hung up nostalgia had gripped me and all the beautiful memories came flooding back. Good old days!!!

I have never had the same set of friends throughout. My dad has a transferable job and I always feel that we are a pack of gypsies. So after every 3-4 years,  we land at a new place and  I have a new set of friends. Sounds exciting to have so many friends? It is actually not. As you move away so do your friends sometimes and then they are so caught up with their new friends that the old ones fade away into oblivion. Out of sight out of mind. Hey, but it is not really that depressing as I am making it sound. Thanks to the social networking sites finding old friends is now just a click away. But then finding an old friend and adding him/her to your friend list doesn’t actually make you friends like before. Some of the “old friends” add you just for the heck of it and your conversations never go beyond, “Hey! Wassup”, “Nothing, u say .” I am glad that I have very few such people on my friend list.

Reconnecting with old friends has made me realize how much things change with time. I have changed, my friends have changed and so has a bit of our perception about each other. I can’t help but wonder that a person who was supposedly your best friend at a phase in your life suddenly seems a stranger and the one with whom you were not the best of friends has transformed into one of your best friends for life. Strange?? No,  it is in fact so logical. True friends never leave you, no matter what. I have searched for the perfect definition of friendship (I actually googled this) but wasn’t satisfied with any because it is beyond words, time and distance. And as someone rightly said, “Friendship is like good wine, it gets better as it grows older.”

A toast to my dearest friends. Cheers!!!


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